Monty's Computer Science Lab

Welcome to MCSL!

MCSL is host to many web services in the data and scientific fields. The "datacenter" is merely a hobby of mine. My goal is to learn many server/hosting related topics while making the services I create available for everybody.

My name is Monty King, and I started putting together my "datacenter" in mid 2017. Over time, it has expanded from a single Dell desktop PC to several rack mount servers, almost filling a full-height rack! With that said, most of the equipment I bought used, and some of it is considered pretty ancient by today's standards. The lack of demand from modern-day operating systems allows me to use such equipment. In light of that, if you aspire to use anything I provide, expect some sites to be slower than you may be used to.

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[2020-08-28] Site Update
This site has been updated to better reflect services and the status of MCSL. Enjoy!

[2020-08-18] Infrastructure Reconfiguration
Many services will be down all day August 20 while I move around equipment to optimize rack space. Thank you for your patience!